Man discovers doll inside his 'dead baby's coffin after girlfriend faked pregnancy

She had even announced she was expecting twins after an 'ultrasound scan'

After fooling her family into believing she had delivered the infants, she feigned the death of one of them and staged a burial, it is alleged.


She claimed she had left the other twin being cared for in hospital. Distraught family and friends took turns to carry the 'deceased twin's' coffin before bidding an emotional farewell to them.

But the next day, Melvin's pals reportedly began to doubt Rosa's story and decided to return to the graveyard to dig up the coffin with him.

When they did, they found a plastic doll dressed up as a baby inside.


It is claimed Rosa had kept up the charade of being pregnant for the whole nine months, convincing friends and relatives she was expecting.

She even announced she was expecting twins after an 'ultrasound scan'.

It is reported that her actions were a bizarre attempt to keep her 'wayward' partner by her side, although this has not been confirmed.


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