Visitor's house mannerisms that we can't stand

Some visitor's habits can push you to the edge.

From always hogging the TV to showing up at your doorstep unannounced; it can all be a bit too much sometimes.

If you’ve ever experienced certain house guests from hell – or you are one of them – then you’ll definitely relate to some of their annoying habits.

1.The ones that always hog the TV

These are those house guests that live in front of the TV when they visit. They’ll be there from 7 in the morning to 11pm just watching what they want to.

The worst part was when your mum would subtly threaten you with the ‘wacha wageni waone TV’ if you tried to watch something different while they were around.

2.The ones that show up on Tuesday’s because they know its chapo day

I don’t know if these house guests master your food timetable – which is very possible – but they always seem to ‘coincidentally’ show up when you cook their favorite food.

They’ll show up and tell you how ‘nilikuwa napitia tu’ and leave with about five chapos.

3.The ones that always have an opinion about everything in your house

Why don’t you try using Elianto instead of Kimbo? Do you actually let your children dress like that in your house? Why don’t you buy your daughter some more dresses?

Why don’t you just mind your own business? Ever heard of when in Rome?

4.The ones that want to parent you in front of your parents

These ones are mainly relatives. Those Aunties that haven’t seen you in forever but somehow feel the need to tell you how you shouldn’t joke with your mother in a certain way – completely oblivious of the type of relationship the two of you may have.

5.The snoopers – like what are you looking for exactly?

An invitation to stay over at someone’s house is not an invitation to start snooping all over the house. Please stick to the rooms you were willingly welcomed to i.e not your host’s bedroom.

6.The ones that leave things a mess

Some guests need to understand that being in someone’s home does not automatically entitle you to act the way that you want to.

Etiquette rules still apply so please don’t leave your boxers lying around or mess up the kitchen sink when applying your make-up.


If you said you were going to leave in three days then please just leave or at least pretend like your being an inconvenience to your hosts so that they feel bad for you and tell you to stay one more day.

8.The thief

These are those guests that see your home as their personal shopping grounds. Your parent buys something for you then they steal it from you. You steal it back and they have the audacity to steal it back a second time; like what exactly are we trying to do here?

9.The ones that know no boundaries

Don't use my towel, soap or slippers. It's not only nasty but a major case of not knowing your boundaries.

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