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Angry Khaligraph Jones lectures Journalists after asking this Question (Video)

Papa Jones is not a happy man

Khaligraph Jones riding high with ‘Yes Bana’

Over the weekend, Rapper Khaligraph Jones chose to square it out with Journalists who were interviewing him on grounds that they had not done their research well.

In a short video, shared on his Instagram, a Journalists is heard asking the OG if he will consider doing collaboration with Nigerian artistes, after upcoming rapper Blaq Bonez tried to belittle his Sound City MVP Award.

In response the Yes Bana hit-maker stated that the person who asked the question had not been paying attention to his music.


Not paying attention

“But you have not been paying attention, because if you would have been paying attention you will know that I have worked with RudeBoy of the Psquare gang, I have worked with YCee last year on a video called Gwala, I have worked with Emai who apparently is Black Bonez boss, I worked with whole lot of names so you need to do your research" said Khaligraph.

He added that “Before you Interview Khaligraph Jones make sure you do your research, Yes Banaa, The OG shall be respected”.

Papa Jones was also angered by questions asked about his daughter “That’s your first question, its bad, I’m not gonna tell anything about my daughter. Why should I tell you, you people who are you working for”.


Lecturing a DJ

This is not the first time Jones is getting frustrated; December last year a video surfaced online of him threatening to beat-up a DJ for messing up with his set during a live performance.

Papa Jones mentioned that the DJ was scratching and playing irritating siren sounds that kept throwing him off in the middle of his performance.

“When You are on stage performing and the Dj starts Scratching while dropping his name tag after every 5 seconds and playing Those irritating siren sounds that Keep throwing you Off in The middle of your performance, “BUDA ACHA UJINGA” The OG shall be respected #respecttheogsreads Khali’s post.


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