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Milly Chebby hints at undergoing a weight loss procedure

Milly Chebby is yet to decide what procedure she will go for from the many options at her disposal

Milly Chebby

Content creator Milly Chebby could be the latest celebrity to undergo a weight loss procedure.

Milly Chebby in her Instagram posts, shared a list of weight loss procedures from which she said she was going to choose the approach to go with.

“I will be going for a procedure soon, I’ll be going for one of those you have seen. Very, very, soon,” Milly Chebby said.

Among the procedures she mentioned are a tummy tuck, 360 liposuctions, Brazilian Butt Lift, vaginoplasty, gastric balloon, and breast implants as the cosmetic surgery options that were available to her.


The mother one makes the announcement after her fellow creators sought similar approaches to manage their weight.

Actress Catherine Kamau known popularly as Cate Actress and Jackie Matubia both revealed they underwent gastric ballon procedures to manage their weight.

Days after the procedure, Matubia said that she had lost 6kgs, Cate Actress on the other hand said her weight was posing a health danger and was forced to undergo the procedure to help her manage her weight.


The actress saw the results 16 days later as she had lost 5 kilograms although the initial days proved hectic as her body was fighting the foreign substance.

“DAY 16, I am 5kgs down , I honestly feel much lighter and healthier, I have been on fluids , soups and pureed food , I will this week transition slowly to solid food. The first 3 days were abit uncomfortable, this is because the body was fighting the foreign substance (gastric Balloon) in my body… it’s a normal reaction,” she said 16 days after she underwent the procedure

Kate Actress and Jackie Matubia attributed their weight increase to recent births.


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