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Hamisa Mobetto drops Abdul from her son's name

Hamisa Mobetto has decided to give her son a new name, distancing him from Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz

Tanzania actress, singer and businesswoman Hamisa Mobetto

If you're an avid social media user and follow Tanzanian actress and model Hamisa Mobetto, you might have noticed a recent change in her children's names on their social media profiles.

This alteration has raised questions among fans about the reasons behind the adjustment.

Mobetto, who is a mother of two, has a son and a daughter with two different men. It's widely believed that she conceived her son Dylan with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz while he was still in a relationship with Zari Hassan.


Mobetto's pregnancy prompted public acknowledgment of their relationship.

At the time, Diamond considered Mobetto as the other woman, but when she became pregnant, the truth came to light, especially after she publicly revealed Diamond as the father of her child.

Hamisa Mobetto consistently shared details about her son Dylan Abdul, even choosing to name him Abdul, after Diamond, a decision that garnered significant criticism.


However, years later, reports emerged that Diamond had refused to acknowledge Dylan as his son.

In a recent development, Mobetto decided to change her son's name to Dylan Mobetto, distancing him from Diamond's surname.


This decision came shortly after Diamond repeatedly refused to acknowledge Dylan as his son.

However, Mobetto opted to retain her daughter's name, Fantasy Francis, maintaining her connection to her father, Majito Francis.

The decision to change Dylan's name has fueled speculation about the state of Mobetto's relationship with Diamond and the ongoing paternity dispute.


Many fans have questioned the motives behind the name change and what it signifies for the future.

Tanzanian blogger Millard Ayo conducted a phone interview with Hamisa Mobetto's mother to gain insights into Mobetto's decision and its underlying causes.

In response to questions about her daughter's move, Hamisa's mother expressed that during their time, social media platforms like Instagram were not prevalent, suggesting that such changes might be common now.


She directed the interviewer to seek the reasons from Hamisa herself because she believed that Hamisa had the best explanation for her actions.

"Hilo swali anatakiwa ajibu Hamisa... Sisi wakati tunawazaa hakukuwa na Insta jamani lakini nathani haya ni mambo ya kawaida tu jamani... AtWajibu kwa ufasaha kabisa. azungu wanasema time will tell," she said.

She emphasised that she would continue to support and defend her daughter regardless of public speculation.

Hamisa's mother, who has minimised her activity on social media, expressed her commitment to defending her daughter until the end.


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