I miss the moments- Nicah the Queen on if she misses her Baby daddy Dr. Ofweneke

If you people were best friends, you still care for each other as friends- Nicah

Dr.Ofweneke with Nicah the Queen

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen has confessed that sometimes she misses the moments they created together with her Baby Daddy Dr. Ofweneke.

"I miss the moments, I would say we created good memories. He was my best friend, we used to talk and even if love fails, if you people were best friends, you still care for each other as friends…there are moments na sio ile ya kumumiss ati yakutaka kurudiana na yeye hapana," Nicah told Massawe Japanni.

She went on to say that despite going separate ways, Ofweneke has remained to be a good Dad to their kids.

“Tuli fall out…People fall in love and it reaches a time, one overgrows the other and the happiness disappears because hamuelewani, so we fell out and we saw because we have kids together the best thing is to go our separate ways but raise kids together. Because when he is happy and am happy we became good parents.

Ofweneke ni baba Mzuri hata kama hatukuwezana kimapenzi ama kwa ndoa siwezi sema ati ni mtu mbaya. I can’t say the marriage ended because of one person, we all participated, I participated, he also participated” said Nicah the Queen.

Asked on what she thinks of Dr. Ofweneke’s new wife she said’

“She is a good woman; she is beautiful, I’m beautiful as well, so I don’t mind being compare to her”

In February last, Nicah the Queen said that she still loves her ex-husband; Yea I still love him but no longer in love with him,”.

Nicah has bene a trending topic this week after being accused of thirst trapping netizens while inviting them to their Church.

She was forced to forced to issue a statement saying she created the video innocently, but unfortunately it was blown out of proportion due to her curvy body. Adding that even if she wears a sack her bum will still jiggle.

“Apparently am trending for the video I did last Sunday inviting you guys to church...I did an innocent video and walked an innocent walk. If it was a petite person walking I don't think it would have blown out of proportion. I love God and that will never change. My body should never at one point describe my religion nor my love for Christ and even if I wear a sack my bum will still jiggle. I welcome you to our church CHRIST EMBASSY ALONG SHIMO LA TEWA ROAD. #JESUSGURL Wrote Nicah the Queen.



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