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Jalang'o addresses claims of being in romantic relationship with Kamene Goro

Jalas speaks on claims of dating Kamene Goro

Jalang'o and Kamene Goro

Lang’ata Parliamentary hopeful Jalang’o has finally addressed allegations of being a romantic relationship with his co-host Kamene Goro.

In an interview with Kenzie Grace, the Kiss 100 FM presenter refuted the claims, stating that is disrespectful to even think or speculate that the two are dating.

“They are things that should not even think about, because it so disrespectful for somebody to even think that Kamene and I could even be dating. (How now?).

“And you actually go out there and try to support your stupidity, at i ooh I saw them kissing or they slept in the same room. Really?” questioned Jalag’o.


The celebrated radio host went on to confirm that Kamene is in a serious relationship, and the person she is dating happens to be his (Jalas) friend.

“I respect Kamene so much and she is a very hard working woman but anytime what I hate is when a woman is growing and becoming a better person, people will always say things (she is sleeping with so and so). Kamene and I are not dating, otherwise we won’t even be working together. But she is my best friend, she been there even before we started working together.

“I wish her the best and she is dating and her boyfriend is my friend so nothing like that,” Jalas said.


Asked about the worst thing he has even been told, Jalas said; “When people started linking me to ‘wash wash’. Very sad that we work this hard, wake up very early in the morning but some people think its wash wash. If you think it’s that easy, try joining Wash Wash and see how things will tirn out for you. If I knew how it’s done would be waking about at 4am to report to work,”.

In August 2020, Kamene made it clear that she never wants to answer the question of whether she has a sexual relationship with her co-host Jalang’o, ever again.

“Hi am Robinson from gilgil ww na Jalas mnabang,” asked a fan who responded to a ‘1 thing you want to know about me’ question put up by Kamene.

Kamene Goro then responded saying that there is no sexual relationship between them and that it's time people accept that a man can work with a woman and be just friends.


“No. and we just finally accept that a man and a woman can work together and just be friends….let me never have to answer this puny question again!” she responded.


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