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'Watoto si fuko la bangi' - Mbosso's brushoff to deadbeat tag & why his marriage is a secret

Bongo Flava star Mbosso, in an interview with Wasafi presenters, unequivocally refuted rumors suggesting he neglected certain children despite their resemblance.

WCB signeeMbosso performing at the Wasafi Festival in Mwanza on August 12

He emphatically stated that such behavior is not a part of his character and went on to disclose that he had married in secrecy, further noting that he is currently leading a comfortable and well-appointed life.

"Mimi sina hizo tabia sasa hivi. Nina mke wangu mzuri, nimemwoa kisirisiri, nakula vizuri, nalala kwa wakati.


"[I'm not living like that at the moment. I have a good wife who I married secretly. I eat well and sleep on time]," Mbosso stated, implying that he is content with his life and relationships.

Baba Levo, an artist, and Wasafi FM presenter, interjected during the interview, curtly asserting that Mbosso exhibits a pattern of neglecting his children.

He went on to condemn Mbosso's actions, highlighting the inappropriateness of fathering children and evading one's responsibilities.

Levo concluded his remarks by expressing his refusal to condone such behaviour, emphasising that he won't accept the notion of Mbosso leaving his children to be cared for by other men.


Despite Baba Levo blasting Mbosso at the interview scene, Mbosso continued that yes he has kids and that people know them.

He continued that he has never hidden his children from the public since they are not illegal drugs.

"Watoto wangu najivunia. Najivunia sana kua baba na mimi nawapenda sana watoto wangu. Kwanza wengine naishi nao nyumbani kwangu.

"[I'm proud of all my kids and I take great pride in being a dad because I love my kids, furthermore, some of them are living in my house]," Mbosso said.


He expressed that he considers his children as a significant part of his wealth, as they could potentially take on the responsibility of supporting him in the future.

The 'Hodari' singer has repeatedly insisted that he is not afraid of having a big family. He views it as a sign of 'fruitfulness'.

During a conversation with Wasafi in July 2022, he candidly delved into the subject of his multiple baby mamas, attributing this to his capacity for fathering children.

"Mimi ni tajiri wa mbegu, Ni maumbile tu," he said.


In August 2022, Mbosso's girlfriend and the mother of his third born, Rukia Rucky, expressed her aspiration to have a substantial family with at least 10 children.

Speaking on Wasafi TV, she highlighted Mbosso's qualities as a promising father, signaling her confidence in his parenting abilities.


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