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Nadia Mukami opens up on motherhood struggles

Friends who Nadia shared with her struggles said she was over reacting and too emotional

Singer Nadia Mukami

Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami has opened up on her struggles with motherhood months after giving birth.

Through her Instagram stories, Nadia said she wore a happy face to the public but had struggles inside saying it took a lot to overcome what she was going through.

The Maombi hit maker further said that help she sought from friends was mistaken for faking weakness and that she was being over emotional.

"I really struggled with the whole new mummy thing! Bruh! I am a very strong woman but I really did get overwhelmed. I tried to try to tell anyone how hard that shift was, and the story was; why are you acting weak, you are not the first one, you are being emotional," she said.


Nadia noted that parenting had a toll on her career saying that she stuck to prayer for guidance.

“Work overwhelmed me the most! I felt like no one understood me at all. I just asked God for strength and guidance!" she stated.

The singer did her first performance after giving birth in Meru where she pulled a major crowd in a solo concert.


The mother of one said that she had not performed for a period of six months - thanking Meru residents for receiving her concert with both hands.

She also mentioned that it was the first time she was leaving her son behind for an out-of-town show.

"History was made. I had not performed in 6 months, I have mom brain due to breastfeeding where I forget things and lyrics (especially during rehearsals). I had left my son for the first time (I did not sleep) just thinking what if it does not work, will it be worth it?


"Our venue was changed a day to the event & even one of our sponsors pulled out last minute! I knew baaas no turn up at all! Bruh! But I did it! I am proud of myself!" Nadia said.


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