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Nicah the queen talks co-parenting with Dr Ofweneke as daughter graduates

Nicah the queen & Dr Ofweneke excite Netizens with their smooth co-parenting

Nicah the queen talks co-parenting as daughter with Dr. Ofweneke graduates

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen and comedian Dr Ofweneke have excited a section of netizens with how they have made co-parenting easy and smooth.

On Thursday, the two attended their daughter’s graduation together, with Nicah giving pointers of what makes their co-parenting work.

The singer said that it’s important for parents to put aside their ego, pride and bitterness and focus on the wellbeing of their kids, even after going their separate ways.


“Co-parenting ain’t hard if you let go of your ego, pride and bitterness. Put your child/children first and remember to them all they see is their dad and Mum and not whatever you are picturing in your mind.

To them their dad is their hero and so is their mom! Be bold enough to put your baby first. Dr. Ofweneke we have done well! Congratulations Debbie on your graduation we are super proud of you,” Nicah shared.

The Ushuhuda hit-maker also appreciated her partner DJ Slahver and Ofweneke’s wife Christine for being accommodative and understanding.


“Thank you to our amazing and loving spouses DJ Slahver and Christine for making it easier and always supporting us. Cheers to us,” she noted.

The singer also put up a separate appreciation post addressed to her new man DJ Slahver, for loving her family wholeheartedly.

“And God remembered me and gave me a man he can love me through. I know I deserve you and you deserve me! Let’s build together DJ Slahver aki unaweza nikatia tena? Let’s make money and travel the world baby. Blended families are beautiful,” reads Nicah’s message to Slahver.

Upon seeing the message, Slahver replied: “You deserve the best mama and I promise never to give you anything less. I love you my people and a big congratulation to our daughter Debbie.”


In November 2019, Dr Ofweneke made it clear that his broken marriage got nothing to do with his kids and that’s why he has embraced co-parenting with baby mama Nicah the Queen.

The former KTN presenter mentioned that whenever couples breakup and children are involved, they should always create a clean environment for the well-being of their young ones despite their differences.

He cautioned women who deny kids access to their father once the relationship comes to an end.


Broken marriage got nothing to do with the Kids

“Someone reported this post and it was pulled down and am like if the shoe fits wear it, Listen, the reason why my daughters are happy is because their mum and I are friends and we have agreed that our broken marriage got nothing to do with the kids, That they can be at mum’s for as long as they wish and they can be at dad’s as long as they wish either.

"Both of you have to be selfless to make sure the kids have a clean environment away from the toxic atmosphere for them to have a happy upbringing, You don’t love that guy anymore but let the kids love their dad same you don’t love that lady anymore but let those kids love their mum, If there is any truth to be known at the right time they will” shared Dr. Ofweneke.


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