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Otile Brown grapples with guilt as partner blames him for loss of their son

Otile Brown's partner attributes loss of their unborn son to singer's actions

Otile Brown

Renowned Kenyan musician Otile Brown has recently shared a deeply personal and tragic experience, as he mourns the loss of his unborn baby.

Just days after announcing the pregnancy on his Instagram page, Otile Brown took to social media once again to reveal the devastating news.

In a series of heartfelt Instagram stories on July 9, the singer expressed his grief and reflected on the profound impact this loss has had on him.


In his emotional messages, Otile Brown disclosed that the unborn baby was a boy and expressed how much he would have cherished their bond.

"It was a boy, dah!… It's all good. Would have been my bestie," Otile Brown wrote

He referred to the child as his potential best friend, further highlighting the deep connection he had already formed with his unborn son.


Adding to the tragedy, Otile Brown shared that the mother of his unborn baby placed the blame on him for the loss, citing his announcement on social media as a contributing factor.

He reflected on how the mother of his unborn baby made him believe that the negative energy on social media had contributed to their loss.

The singer revealed that he initially believed her accusations and experienced guilt for sharing the news on a public platform.


Otile Brown admitted to developing a negative view of social media following this heartbreaking experience.

"At first, I hated social media because she hated me and made me believe that it's all the social media bad energy… and I kind of believed it because, for someone who never advertises his life that much on social media, this one time I was excited and randomly decided to post about it while my heart was telling me not to. It had me feeling guilty," he wrote.

Despite not usually sharing much of his personal life on social media, Otile Brown felt excited and compelled to share this joyful news, only to later regret his decision.


On Sunday, July 2, 2023, Otile announced the loss of his unborn baby on Instagram. He expressed that he had since come to terms with the loss and decided not to succumb to negativity.

He acknowledged that the loss of their unborn baby could be attributed to various factors, including their own actions, God's will, or natural causes.


Despite the pain and sorrow, he maintained a positive outlook, choosing to focus on acceptance and moving forward.

The 'Nabayet' hit maker has chosen to keep the identity of the baby's mother private.


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