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Pastor T reaches out to Akorino brothers' after an alleged twisted love affair

Pastor T Mwangi has thrown his weight to the Akorino brothers and girlfriend Emily Nyaruiru.

Pastor T Mwangi with the Akorino brothers and Emily Nyaruiru

Renowned rapper turned man of the cloth, Pastor T Mwangi of The Gathering of Champions has reached out to the Akorino brothers and Emily Nyariru.

In a post shared on his social media platform, the punchy man of the cloth revealed that the three reached out to him adding that they had a lengthy conversation and had restoration prayers.

According to Pastor T, the two are sorry for what they did, adding that mentorship is like nursing and one must be willing to give them care with love.


We are called for this generation and we must be willing to embrace, guide, and mentor them he added in the post shared on his social media page.

"Am happy to announce that the twins reached out and we had a powerful conversation and had prayers of restoration. They are sorry for what they did, Mentorship is like nursing and you must be willing to give the care with love," Pastor T Mwangi said.

The man of God who started off as a rapper before going into full gospel ministry said he is called to mentor the generation and is willing to embrace them as they launch out of their current situation.


"We are called for this generation and we must be willing to embrace them, guide them and mentor them. I believe they had a good idea but the wrong approach. We will walk with them and see them launch out of that idea. Love wins. Let's pray for them and accept their public apology. We are called to reconcile men," Pastor T Mwangi added.

According to Emily Nyariru, who is heavily pregnant, she does not know the father of the unborn baby she is currently bearing.

But how did she get pregnant? It all started when Nyariru attended a wedding in which Peter Macharia, one of the twin brothers had also attended, and out of nowhere, their chemistry clicked.


Where does the other twin brother come in? Unfortunately, Macharia's phone was spoilt and did not have a phone so he borrowed his brother's Teddy Kimathi probably to take photos of the occasion or get directions to the venue.

The two, Macharia and Nyaruiru exchanged contacts and when he got back home, he handed the phone back to his brother since Macharia had not shared the news of his new catch with his brother, Teddy Kimanthi picked up from where Macharia had left, and before any of them knew, they were sharing the same girl.

Despite the combined twin efforts, Nyaruiru is said to have agreed to meet Macharia for a coffee date after three months.

Unfortunately, Kimathi was always the one with the phone and was mostly in communication with Nyaruiru and she accepted to meet him a second time over a coffee talk believing she was engaging Macharia.


Kimathi asked his brother to accompany him on the date and he could not refuse such an offer from a twin brother since they shared a lot of things. It then turned out that the two had been sharing the same girl.

The three however came out on September 29 and cleared out the air surrounding a story that had rented the air saying the whole story had been scripted and they did it all for clout chasing since they are jobless.


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