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Chris Embarambamba: Photos of gorgeous woman married to the controversial singer

Embarambamba is married to a beautiful woman, and together, they are blessed with five children

Controversial Kisii Gospel singer Chris  Embarambamba poses for a photo

Embarambamba, the enigmatic Kisii artist, has captured the attention of Kenyans with his daring and unconventional style of music.

In recent years, Embarambamba has become synonymous with eccentricity in the music scene. His music videos feature him dancing, rolling in mud, and climbing trees, among other daring acts that defy convention.

His latest music video, 'Niko Uchi,' has sparked controversy and drawn criticism from various quarters, including the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).


KFCB in a demand letter to the singer asked him to pull down the song or face the law. The video's explicit content and provocative scenes raised concerns about its suitability for public consumption.

Born Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma on February 1, 1988, Embarambamba hails from a humble background.

He attended Kierira Dok Pri School near St. Augustus Academy in Kitutu Masaba Constituency.


Despite his academic pursuits, his passion for music led him deeper into the industry after completing his primary education.

Embarambamba's talent first caught public attention when former President Daniel Moi recognised his dancing prowess. Despite the risk of skipping school, he would often perform for the president.


Behind the eccentric persona lies a devoted family man. Embarambamba is married and blessed with five children.

His wife is a traditional singer and seasoned dancer who has featured in Kisii songs as a vixen.

However, she chose to focus on her parental duties, supporting her husband's musical endeavors.


In a previous interview with Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla, Embarambamba admitted that his wife and children initially struggled to accept his unorthodox performances.

Concerns about safety and potential harm loomed large, but Embarambamba remained steadfast in pursuing his artistic vision.


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