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Saumu Mbuvi recalls how dad, Mike Sonko beat her up for not honouring curfew time

Saumu says her dad played a major role in her life

Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi, the eldest daughter of Mike Sonko, shared a personal experience during an interview with Spm Buzz.

She recalled an incident when her father became angry and physically disciplined her for arriving home late.

Saumu explained that she was in Form 3 at the time and had attended a party. However, she lingered in town after the event, engrossed in playing video games with her friends.


This caused her to delay her return home, which her father deemed unacceptable.

She further mentioned that her father's overprotectiveness stemmed from her being the firstborn and a girl, which is why he resorted to beating her when she arrived home late.

Saumu revealed that her designated curfew time was 6:00 pm, and although the physical discipline taught her a lesson, she recounted how she ran away and locked herself in her room throughout the entire ordeal.

She went on to mention that her mother also enforced discipline, which instilled in her the value of being straightforward.


Despite growing up with strict parents, Saumu confessed that she once organized a peaceful demonstration in high school.

The demonstration was sparked by the school's prohibition on students carrying snacks, a rule she deemed harsh.

Saumu managed to rally the entire school in Embu to participate in the protest, resulting in her being temporarily expelled before eventually being readmitted.


As Saumu hailed from Nairobi, there was a group of individuals from the city who were proficient in speaking Sheng, a local urban dialect.

She further explained that during social events, girls from Nairobi were often given preferential treatment, receiving letters and garnering attention from boys.

However, Saumu emphasized that despite these perceptions, they were all equal and no one should feel superior or inferior based on their background.

Additionally, Saumu revealed that she actively engaged in numerous activities as she felt the need to be involved and present in various endeavors.


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