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Tanasha Donna speaks after her YouTube channel disappeared mysteriously [Pulse Contributor's Article]

Somebody tried to hack her YouTube account

Tansha Donna

Singer Tanasha Donna's YouTube channel has been terminated with all the content on it. Following the termination, Tanasha hopped on Instagram to address the issue.

According to the singer, somebody tried to hack her YouTube account and it was consequently suspended.

The Gere hit-maker also assured her fans that the account will be back as her team is working on resolving the issue.

“We are working on getting back my YouTube Channel ASAP. Someone tried to hack it so YouTube suspended the Channel however it is being resolved as we speak” said Tanasha Donna.


It's not clear how long it will take before the channel is back, but one thing for sure is that it hasn't been terminated permanently.

Tanasha isn't the first celebrity to suffer this fate, singer Akothee, comedian Flaqo and gospel artist Mr Seed have also had their YouTube channels suspended in the past year.

Akothee's channel was suspended due to copyright issues caused by parody accounts that were uploading her work.


In a statement, Akothee explained that she lost millions of money after the account was suspended. The account suspension exposed the singer's management who had allegedly been pocketing earnings from the channel.

"I work like a dog, someone else pockets when spice stole my content uploaded my songs on different channels with a different name and collected my revenues with projects they din’t spend a penny on,” Akothee said.

Flaqo also faced the same problem when his channel was suspended for copyright issues just like in the case of Akothee.

The comedian took to social media to express his anguish; “At this point, it's really exhausting...Please report all channels that are not mine but have my content in it...Boycott...I've worked so hard to be disrespected every damn time, malice... Why…?”


He added: "Because I’m just about to launch my show on YouTube it's maliciously taken down... Am not dropping the mic by the way so if you maliciously want me out of the industry sorry... We will be back with twice the energy, this war of kicking me out of social media every time is getting a little personal.”

Gospel singer Mr Seed's situation was almost similar to Tanasha's as his channel was terminated after someone hacked it.

The artist revealed that he had been receiving notifications that someone was trying to log into his account, before they finally managed to hack it.

At that time, Seed had released a new track, Ogopa Mungu, that was also taken down. Just as it was expected, Mr. Seed was furious about his channel getting terminated.


“My YouTube Channel has been Hacked. A while back I have been receiving notifications on my YouTube Channel that someone has been trying to log in but with no avail. Waking today and getting my New Song OGOPA MUNGU deleted is heartbreaking and saddening to my hard work. I will be posting for now my songs on the Starborn Empire Channel until I sort out my channel and get it back to full control. I Shall Overcome. #OgopaMungu,” he wrote.

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