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Irritating question that forced Mejja to adopt 'Mtoto wa Khadija' tag on his brand

Mejja said security guards are among the people who often ask him the question which he said forced him to adopt the 'Mtoto wa Khadija' tag.


Often, artists face questions about their real names, especially when they are known by their stage names and may need to present their identification documents.

For rapper Mejja, whose real name is Major Nameye Khadija, this has been a recurring experience, particularly due to his female surname, Khadija.

Mejja's decision to adopt the name Khadija as part of his tag is rooted in his deep pride in his heritage and his mother. In an interview with Kenya Online Media, Mejja explained that every time he presents his ID, security guards and others comment on his unique surname.

To handle the questions and embrace his heritage, Mejja chose to incorporate his surname into his music.


"Mama yangu ndio kila kitu hata mimi hujiita mtoto wa Khadija kwa sababu kila time nkitoa ID lazma mtu atoe comment, surname yako kwanza hawa security guards. So ndio nkaanza kuweka kwa ngoma zangu ndio ukiniona usiniulize iyo swali," said Mejja.

Mejja's admiration for his mother is evident in his plans for his upcoming album, which he intends to name after her and feature her as the cover.

"Yeye ndo amenilea mpaka mahali nimefika, so my upcoming album nataka kuiita jina yake na pia yeye ndio atakuwa cover," Mejja revealed, highlighting his gratitude for his mother's unwavering support and sacrifices.


Raised in Majengo, Nyeri County, Mejja and his two siblings were under the care of their mother, who worked tirelessly to provide for them. Her resilience and dedication have left a lasting impact on Mejja's life, shaping his path to success.

The rapper's trust and reliance on his mother are also evident in his personal documents, where she is consistently listed as his next of kin.

"Hadi nipate mtu namtrust, mam yangu ndio atabaki kwa madocuments zangu kama next of kin," he stated in another previous interview indicating that his mother will remain his trusted person until he finds someone else he can confide in.


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