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Otile Brown flaunts iPhone 14 gift from fan

The expensive phone came complete with a cover and was presented to the singer shortly after the iPhone 14 series was unveiled by Apple.

Otile Brown

Award-winning Kenyan singer Jacob Obunga, popularly known as Otile Brown has taken to social media to flaunt a phone that was gifted to him by a fan.

The acclaimed singer revealed that he received the iPhone 14 as a gift from the fan shortly after series was unveiled by Apple.

He added that the fan also gave him the case to the phone which costs around Sh189,000 in Kenya.

Taking to his Insta stories, Otile Brown wrote:


"Telling a friend a fan bought me this iPhone 14 as a gift zilipotoka tu pamoja his case, haamini lol."

The singer’s fans have always shown him love, turning up for his shows in large numbers and propelling his career to the next level.

Last year in October, a fan turned up at the airport to receive him from his tour in the United States where the singer had a series of shows.

The fan gifted him a portrait of his late grandmother with the Jeraha hitmaker breaking down in tears as he unpacked the thoughtful gift.


Loss of unborn son

Recently, Otile Brown announced that they had lost his unborn baby with fans once again showing him love as he came to terms with the development.

The announcement, made through an emotional Instagram post on Sunday 2, came a week after Otile announced he was going to be a parent.

"It's all good. God you know I never ask or question you... All i do is smile and stay positive. Our baby didn't make it, I guess its not my favorite year no more," Otile Brown wrote.


He admitted to grappling with guilt as his partner faulted him for posting news of the pregnancy on social media.

"It was a boy, dah!… It's all good. Would have been my bestie," Otile Brown wrote.

"At first, I hated social media because she hated me and made me believe that it's all the social media bad energy… and I kind of believed it because, for someone who never advertises his life that much on social media, this one time I was excited and randomly decided to post about it while my heart was telling me not to. It had me feeling guilty," he added.

A week before the loss of his unborn son, Otile Brown had shared with his followers on social media his desire to be a father.


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