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Zari Hassan claps back after accusations of being rude when engaging Tanzanians (Video)

Before you comment on my page please use your common sense- Zari

Zari Hassan

Over time, Zari Hassan has proved to be a no-nonsense woman when it comes to tackling social media haters who are always on her neck dictating how she should live her life.

On Wednesday (Night) Ms Hassan opted to square it out with a section of Tanzanians who were accusing her of being rude whenever she was engaging them on social media.

In a short video, the Mother of five made it clear that she will never entertain nonsense, promising to always clap back at those attacking her.


Use Common Sense

“Kuna watu wengine wanasema Zari is so Rude venye anajibu na vitu kama hivyo. Mimi najibu accordingly, Mtu anakwambia tupumzishe tuko Msibani, apo ulipo you are claiming to be at the Funeral lakini uko social media (Instagram). Unataka kuniambia kuna Msiba leo Tanzania hakuna watu wameingia Kazini leo, hakuna watu wameingia Mjini leo, Hakuna Mtanzania yeyote imepost Instagram leo. Lakini ikifikia kwenye Zari, you are so quick to pick up all these small things. Alafu nikiwajibu tu moja, oooh she is so rude, saa zingine naomba watu watumie Common sense. Before you comment on my page please use your common sense.

Uko msibani what are you doing on social media? Tupumzishe? If you really think my content irritates you, inakuuma naomba block yourself. Tuheshimiane. Asanteni,” said Zari Hassan.


Zari the Boss Lady’s clap back was prompted by a user who told her to stop posting on social media and join Tanzanians in mourning their former President Benjamin William Mkapa.

“Tuache kwanza tupo na msiba saa hizi tupumzishe,” wrote Beka_Jaym.

Ms Hassan hit back saying, “@Beka_Jaym dunia yote ijaja simama na niko sure wa Tanzania wengine apa Sauzi wapo Kazini. Uko msibani umefata nini Instagram? Sauzi pia kuna msiba kubwa wa freedom fighter moja,lakini nchi haijasimama. Use your brain next time, now get off social media and focus on the funeral. Shenz Type.”

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