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13 Kenyan celebrity couples in a 'come-we-stay' marriage

Here are 13 kenyan celebrity couples who are in a come-we-stay marriages

From left: Eric Omondi & Lynne, Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray

In recent years, an increasing number of Kenyan celebrities have chosen to embrace a unique relationship dynamic known as the 'come we stay' marriage.

Unlike traditional marriages, these couples opt to live together without legally formalizing their relationships.

While not all celebrities choose this arrangement, it has gained popularity among some notable figures in the Kenyan entertainment industry.


One of the primary motivations for Kenyan celebrities to embrace a 'come we stay' marriage is the need for privacy.

Being constantly in the public eye exposes them to intense scrutiny from the media and the public.


They are able to shield their relationships from excessive attention and maintain a sense of normalcy away from the spotlight.

For some celebrities, living together without the legal commitment of marriage provides an opportunity for relationship testing.

They view it as a way to assess their compatibility, lifestyle preferences, and ability to handle challenges before making a formal commitment through marriage.

By spending time living together, they can evaluate their long-term compatibility and ensure a solid foundation for their relationship.


Another significant factor that influences Kenyan celebrities to choose a "come we stay" arrangement is their focus on career priorities.

The demands of a successful career can be all-consuming, leaving little time and energy for the additional commitments and legal formalities that come with marriage.

Marriage entails legal and financial entanglements, including the division of assets in the event of separation or divorce.


By refraining from marriage, celebrities can maintain greater control over their individual wealth and assets, minimizing the potential financial consequences that may arise in case of relationship dissolution.

  1. Kevin Kioko 'Bahati' & Diana Marua
  2. Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray
  3. YY Comedian & Marya Okoth
  4. Eric Omondi & Lynn
  5. Thee Pluto & Felicity Shiru
  6. Nicholas Kioko & Ashley Wambo
  7. Tyler Mbaya & Georgina Njenga
  8. Calvin Kipkemboi & Nyce Wanjeri
  9. Dorea Chege & DJ Dibul
  10. Jimal Rohosafi & Michelle Wangari
  11. Commentator 254 & Maureen Ngigi
  12. Khaligraph Jones & Georgina
  13. Eve Mungai & Director Trevor

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