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It's about time to say goodbye - Nasra wraps up the year with unique lifestyle upgrade

Despite the end of her marriage last year, comedian Nasra Yussuf has continued to thrive and make the most of 2023

Comedian Nasra Yusuff

Popular comedian Nasra is wrapping up 2023 with a significant life change, bidding adieu to her Kilimani apartment and moving on to a new chapter in Kileleshwa.

The former Churchill Show comedian shared her sentiments about the transition, expressing a mix of nostalgia for her previous residence and excitement for the fresh start.

In a series of social media posts, Nasra took her followers on a journey through her last day in the Kilimani apartment.


She reminisced about the good times and showcased snippets of the area, including the swimming pool and relaxation spots.

The comedian expressed her emotions, sharing, "I'm really gonna miss this place. I made some beautiful memories over here, some amazing content."


As movers packed her belongings, Nasra couldn't help but feel a bit emotional about leaving behind the place where she had created memories and content.

She revealed the struggle to control her emotions, acknowledging the attachment she had developed to the apartment.

Nasra highlighted the morning videos she used to shoot and expressed genuine sentiments about bidding farewell.


Despite the emotional farewell, Nasra emphasised that it was time for a new life and new adventures.

She conveyed her excitement about the fresh start and the opportunities that awaited her in Kileleshwa.

The comedian acknowledged the beautiful moments she experienced in Kilimani and looked forward to creating more memories in her new surroundings.


Nasra, known for her humor and relatable content, revealed her penchant for upgrades and leveling up.

She showcased the new apartment in Kileleshwa, expressing pride in the achievement and declaring it a significant "I am proud of me" moment.

The comedian concluded her social media updates by celebrating her accomplishments with a best friend.


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