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How Lenana Kariba's wife handles his intimate acting scenes

When it comes to filming intimate scenes, Kariba demystifies the process, explaining it as choreographed and directed

Actor Lenana Kariba and his wife Hellen

In the film, actors often find themselves confronting the challenge of portraying intimate scenes with grace and professionalism.

For Kenyan actor Lenana Kariba, renowned for his performances in various series, including 'How to Find a Husband' and 'Single Kiasi,' navigating these scenes is a delicate balance of vulnerability, trust, and professionalism especially when it comes to his wife's perspective.

Addressing one of the most talked-about aspects of his acting career, Kariba shed light on the process behind filming sex scenes, clarifying the intricacies involved.

Acknowledging the meticulous choreography and emotional depth required, he shed light on the challenges of making these moments appear authentic while maintaining professionalism on set.


"Honestly, sex scenes are not even the hardest ones to do. It’s all choreographed by the directors as they have a vision for exactly how they want it to come out.

"The actor’s job is just to bring the emotions to make it look real. There is nothing sexy about having three cameras and multiple people watching you act out a sex scene," Kariba said.

Central to Lenana's journey is the unwavering support of his wife, with whom he discusses scripts and navigates the intricacies of his on-screen portrayals.


"My wife and I always go through scripts together before I shoot anything... She really is the most understanding person when it comes to my job," Lenana says.

Lenana's return to 'Single Kiasi' for its third season marks a significant milestone in his career. Embracing the opportunity to delve deeper into his character, Nick, he reflects on the evolution of the role and the complexities that await audiences.

Moreover, Kariba's recent journey into fatherhood has added a new layer to his life, "Being a dad is fantastic; it's something that I always wanted in my life."


He shares the joys and challenges of parenting, highlighting how his daughter Ava has brought a new perspective to his life and career.

Discussing his on-screen chemistry with co-star Faith Kibathi, Lenana emphasizes the importance of trust and vulnerability in creating authentic performances.


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