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Willis Raburu's final days at Citizen TV, driver who escaped Londiani Crash & more stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

If you missed the biggest stories of the week #PulseUhondoMtaani has conveniently compiled all of them for you;

Willlis Raburu, CS Alfred Mutua, Victoria Kimani and the Londiani car crash

News presenter Willis Raburu has bid farewell to Citizen TV after an impressive 13-year stint.

During his time at Citizen TV, Raburu's career has flourished, and he has had the opportunity to explore various roles and cover a wide range of topics.

From his early days as an intern at Royal Media in 2010 to becoming a seasoned news anchor, he has conducted interviews with political leaders, reported on significant events, and hosted popular shows like 10 over 10, which focuses on youth culture and entertainment.


As he embarks on a new chapter in his life, Raburu plans to take some time to rest, recharge, and share his knowledge through his book. Additionally, he is pursuing a master's degree in Strategic Public Communication and Communication for Development at USIU.

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu was in for a delightful surprise on Thursday, June 29, as he marked his second last day at the station.

Raburu's fiancée, Ivy Namu, also shared her sentiments, expressing her pride in his accomplishments. She praised his work ethic and took a moment to reflect on their personal relationship.


"Willis, I hope you feel so appreciated today. We are so proud of you. Your work ethic is so admirable, and I'm very blessed to have caught you before you, and am blessed to have worked with you," she said.

Namu said she was lucky to have worked with Namu in the station before he chose to exit.

"I am very lucky to have caught you and worked with you before your stint ended and you are a people person and thank you for touching as many lives as you could," Namu said.


Singer Victoria Kimani found herself at the centre of controversy after performing at a sold-out concert in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) at the Stade des Martyrs.

On June 24, Victoria took to her Instagram to announce that she had performed in front of a crowd of 200,000 people, and she even shared images from the concert.

"Oh mama oh mama! I Performed for 200,000 people today in Kinshasa, DRC…. Thank you Ferre Gola, living legend," Victoria wrote.

Her statement received backlash from some individuals who questioned the validity of her claim, particularly regarding the capacity of Stade des Martyrs to hold 200,000 people.


Mariën Ngilima called her out, urging her to stop lying and provide an explanation for the number of attendees she mentioned.

It is worth noting that Stade des Martyrs has a maximum capacity of 80,000 people, making it one of the top five largest stadiums in Africa.

Considering that the lawn at Stade des Martyrs is approximately 130 metres long, the images shared by Victoria revealed that people were tightly packed on the lawn.

The length of the lawn can accommodate up to 6,000 people, although this means that people will be standing.

Despite being fully packed, it is still hard to claim that the stadium had 200K people.


In their report, L'INTERVIEW.CD stated that over 150,000 people entered the stadium, bringing Kinshasa to a standstill.

Despite her post creating many unanswered questions, many Kenyans congratulated her for performing in front of such a large crowd.

Peter Otieno, a driver who escaped death during the tragic accident at Londiani, Kericho county on Friday, June 30, narrated what transpired before the crash.

Otieno said he avoided a head-on collision with the ill-fated trailer at the Londiani junction by swerving to the side but the vehicles behind him were not as lucky.


The trailer that caused the accident was speeding towards Kericho from Mau Summit while Otieno was heading towards Mau Summit from Kendu Bay.

His journey to Nairobi was cut short when he was involved in the accident but escaped unharmed.

I was approaching the junction and I saw the speeding trailer heading towards me. I avoided the head-on collision by swerving. The driver of the Mitsubishi Canter behind me thought I was parking to buy from the roadside traders so he proceeded to overtake and crashed into the oncoming trailer.

After the collision, the Mistubishi Canter hit my vehicle and the trailer that lost control crashed into several vehicles and roadside traders,” he said.


The Environment and Land Court at Malindi issued an order to Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Alfred Mutua, to relocate a foul smelling toilet after his neighbour filed a court case.

This peculiar case arose when CS Mutua’s neighbour at the Karibuni Villas in Malindi, Felicita Conte, expressed her concerns about the pit latrine positioned uncomfortably close to her dining area.

Despite Mutua's argument that he had obtained all necessary building approvals and constructed the toilet, the court ultimately ruled in favor of Ms. Conte, deeming the toilet and septic tank as an ongoing nuisance.


“ I have considered the pleadings, the evidence on record and the submissions by counsel and find that the Plaintiff has proved her case against the Defendant on a balance of probabilities.

A declaration is therefore issued that the Defendant’s water closet on Chalet No. 14 adjacent to the Plaintiff’s dining room is a nuisance and ought to be relocated within 45 days,” the judge said in her judgment on June 8.

Kenyans enjoyed the thrills of the WRC Safari Rally in Naivasha where thousands thronged to catch a glimpse of the racing action.

Hovering above the rally cars was Tropical Air’s chopper which was designated as the official filming helicopter.


The aviation company gave a glimpse of how the chopper is modified to capture the thrilling moments of the rally from breathtaking heights.

The Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil has long been regarded as the go-to helicopter for a variety of missions, including excursions, aerial filming, geological survey, search and rescue operations, casualty and evacuation services, as well as conservation support.

With its outstanding performance and adaptability, it was perfectly suited for the demanding terrain of the Safari Rally.

The chopper can do speeds of 115 knots (212.98kph) to keep up with the race cars.


To enhance its capabilities for the World Rally Championship, the helicopter was equipped with state-of-the-art features and technology.

Renowned mid-morning show presenter on Radio Citizen, Steve Jacob Maunda, widely known as Shatta Bway, is currently grappling with immense grief following the untimely passing of his beloved wife, Becky.

In a heart-wrenching message shared across his social media platforms, Shatta Bway announced the devastating news while refraining from disclosing the cause of her death. In his plea for support, he humbly requested prayers from his fans during this challenging time.


In a tribute to his late wife, Shatta Bway poured out his emotions, expressing the profound shock and sorrow he felt. He conveyed his deep sadness over the unexpected separation and the overwhelming responsibility of raising their children on his own.

"My love Becky, the last thing I could have ever imagined is that you could leave, that you'd rest. That you'd leave me to raise our children on my own. I don't know what to say. When sorrows like sea billows roll. Rest well Mama Jaheim," Shatta Bway penned.


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