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Diamond changes last-child tune with a romantic baby proposal to girlfriend Zuchu

Diamond Platnumz is on a serious quest for his fifth child, and the person he envisions as the perfect candidate is none other than his current sweetheart, Zuhura.

A screengrab image of Zuchu and Diamond during the interview

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu, two renowned Tanzanian artists, have been showcasing their affection publicly, capturing the attention of their fans and the media.

Their budding romance was first revealefd to the public in December of the previous year when Diamond took Zuchu out for a Christmas Eve dinner.

They have on numerous occasions denied being together until recently when Zuchu revealed she was in love.


Since their initial public appearance together, Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu's relationship has remained a topic of conversation in the entertainment world.

The two artists have continued to fuel speculations about the nature of their connection. The recent display of affection occurred over the weekend when they performed their song 'Mtasubiri' in Tanzania.

During their live performance, Diamond Platnumz spontaneously asked Zuchu, "Utanizalia?" (Will you give me a child?).


Following this romantic query, he locked eyes with Zuchu and kissed her on stage in front of thousands of spectators.

The public display of affection between Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu has captured the hearts of their fans, and their romantic interactions continue to draw attention.


Despite the apparent closeness between Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu, Mama Zuchu, who is a prominent Taarab singer, expressed her reservations about acknowledging the relationship.

Khadija emphasised that according to their cultural tradition, a person is officially recognised as being in a relationship with a woman only after adhering to certain customs, particularly the payment of dowry.

"Mahusiano yake siyajui. Sababu mahusiano tunayoyajua sisi wazee kwa utaratibu wa utamaduni wetu mtu akija kiposa ndio unayajua mahusiano.

"(I do not know her relationship. Because the relationships that we old people know are those that follow the order of our culture. It's when someone comes home and introduces themselves; that's when we know it is official)" she said.


She highlighted that as of now, Diamond Platnumz hasn't gone through these traditional rites to formalise his relationship with Zuchu.

She encouraged inquirers to ask Zuchu directly, asserting that she, as a mother, is not privy to their relationship dynamics.

"Lakini mahusinao ya nje siyajui. Anajua mwenyewe so muulize yeye. Ila bado hajaposwa, hakuna mahari," she said.


Khadija went ahead to advise other men who might be aspiring to have her daughter to consider bringing their dowries because she is still not taken.

"Mtu ana pesa yake aje. Yeyote tu. Simba hajamuoa wala hajaleta mahari na wala si mchumba wake. Mtu yeyote tu anaweza kuja," she said.


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