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How Willy Paul & Miss P are toying around with fans minds [Pulse Editor's Opinion]

Willy Paul has asked ladies to shoot their shots after breaking up with Miss P

Willy Paul and Miss P

Singer Willy Paul made headlines on April 22 when he introduced fellow artist Miss P as his new lover after their fall out in 2021.

Miss P accused Willy Paul of assault, but she asked for his forgiveness after two years of a strained relationship.

Miss P shocked her fans when she publicly asked for forgiveness from Willy Paul, admitting her regret for airing their private issues in public and accusing him of assault.


Willy Paul, showing his forgiving nature, accepted her apology, and in no time, they were back together. They even shared images of their renewed relationship, leaving Kenyans surprised.

One notable development was that Willy Paul and Miss P collaborated on a song after resolving their issues.

Prior to the song's release, Willy Paul took to his Instagram account, sharing a series of photos featuring himself and Miss P, showcasing their newfound love and even tagging her in the posts.


It almost felt like a movie, considering the tumultuous events that unfolded between them in 2021.

Yet, here they were, posing together and displaying affection towards each other, creating a surprising and contrasting narrative to their past conflicts.

The song released by Willy Paul and Miss P has amassed over 900K views on YouTube. Even after its release, Willy consistently affirmed that he was in a relationship with Miss P, reinforcing their commitment to each other.

"When you find a supportive partner, things just flow," Willy Paul captioned in one of his photos with Miss P.


Despite parading their love online and assuring their fans that everything was okay between them, Willy Paul on July 2 announced that he had broken up with Miss P.

"Ladies, since Miss P and myself, are no longer together, I highly encourage you to shoot your shot now. The list is long. Remember, time waits for no lady," Willy Paul wrote.


Considering the sequence of events, it is possible that Willy Paul's latest song 'Kanyaga', released on June 23, could be employing a breakup tactic to generate promotion for the song.

Willy Paul released the lyrics for his latest song, 'Kanyaga', on June 23. It is possible that he is employing a breakup tactic to promote the song.

This tactic involves creating a sense of intrigue and drama by hinting at a potential separation or relationship issue, which can attract attention and generate buzz around the song.

Miss P has not commented on the breakup on her social media accounts, despite many people reacting to Willy Paul's statement about their separation.

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