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Since 2007, Mr. Okoth served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK).  With Mr. Okoth at its helm, MCSK has grown from barely 600 members in 2007 to over 10,000 to date with numerous of its members earning millions of Kenya shillings in royalties. MCSK has a deal with local artist to licence music in Kenya to telecommunication companies.

In 2014, According to local media sources in Kenya, Maurice Okoth Maurice Okoth and two other employees of MCSK were suspended over corruption claims at the society and in the handling of artists’ monies. This comes after Elani, a kenyan band released an online video questioning the credibility of the body.

That was followed up by more artists like Avril, Pitson among others claiming that the royalties paid did not add up despite having hit songs and lots of airplay.

In 2015, he was charged to court, but the case was dismissed in September 2016. Maurice Okoth was cleared of all charges.

“I’m so relieved! When something like this happens you lose your confidence. I couldn’t even give advice to people or stand up to talk to them because it really affected my life. It took my confidence, my leadership ability and guidance capabilities. But I’m thankful to God because I’ve been surrounded by supportive friends and family,” Okoth told local media publication, Showbuzz.

According to sources, Maurice Okoth has held meetings with COSON in a possible deal that will enable the body digitally licence music in Kenya for Nigerian artists. Pulse received a tip-off that officials of COSON were invited by Okoth to Nairobi, in September 2017, where they had a meeting to structure the deal.


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