Details of Jubilee's secret account exposed

The secret account has been set up to ensure that...

Speaking on Monday in Nairobi, Odinga said that the Jubilee account known as the Defectors' Fund had been set up to finance the buying of NASA leaders and losers of the August 8 polls to create the false impression that there is an exodus from NASA.

He further disclosed that the money from the fund is being stolen from the public and it is the reason the economy has stagnated and nearly all workers are on strike.

"The only exodus we know and recognise is the exodus from leadership of corruption, tribalism, nepotism and arrogance. That is the exodus that made life so difficult for Jubilee in August that it had to steal the election. In a free and fair contest, Jubilee will lose again. And that is why Jubilee is not keen on a free and fair contest," Odinga stated.

He urged his supporters not to worry about the defectors and focus on the journey to Canaan which he said will liberate Kenyans from the leaders of corruption, tribalism, nepotism and arrogance.

"Our journey to Canaan is on and almost complete. Let us all remember that of the leaders that left Egypt for Canaan with the Israelites, many fell by the wayside and only Joshua and Caleb were able to cross into the promised land. I assure you that Joshua is still leading the team out of Egypt and will not tire until we settle in the Promised Land," Odinga affirmed.

In the past week, NASA has seen a host of defections from various leaders who have decamped to Jubilee Party and pledged their support for the re-election of Kenyatta.

They include former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar, former governors John Mruttu (Taita-Taveta), Moses Akaranga (Vihiga), and former Funyula MP Paul Otuoma.


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