If Criticising Raila is Wrong, I Do Not Want to be Right - Mutahi Ngunyi

I am unapologetically biased.


From the countless analysis video, Prof. Ngunyi has made on his Fifth Estate Youtube Channel, it is also evident that he is passionately against National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

In his latest opinion piece titled: Down With Haters of Country, Mr Ngunyi boldly confessed that he has no regrets concerning his biases.

"If supporting Uhuru Kenyatta, which we do is wrong, we do not choose to be right! If criticising Raila is incitement we do not choose to be right," Ngunyi emphasised.

The Prof stated that he has always been flabbergasted by Kenyans who say criticism towards the Former Prime Minister is incitement yet when Mr Kenyatta is being bashed it is termed Freedom of Speech.

"Why is it when you criticise Raila', it is incitement but when you criticise Uhuru it is freedom of Speech, who made this law?" Ngunyi questioned.

He reiterated that he will always be biased noting: "I want to categorically state here and now that yes we are biased! We are unapologetically biased.

"We are biased against the haters of country, We are bias against who told us that the country will burn, against those who told us that Kenya is no longer viable and we should split it into small tribal countries through succession, against the crooked media that has fed our national psych through nothing but a silly pessimism, against those who introduced violence through IEBC after we vowed never again.

"If being bias is wrong we choose not to be right," he stated.

He further responded to the Government's demand to pull down his previous opinion piece where he poked holes on the untimely death of Interior and Coordination Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery.

In the recording, the political scientist opined that General do not just fall and die highlighting that the CS was assassinated.


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