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#UhondoMtaani: Yvette Obura's take on 2nd child with Bahati, Matubia throws shade at Blessing & other stories

#PulseUhondoMtaani: Here are the top stories that you missed this week

From left: Yvette Obura, Eric Omondi & Jackie Matubia

Businesswoman and social media influencer Yvette Obura has bashed one of her fans for questioning her about having a second child with singer Bahati.

Yvette shared a video on her TikTok page in which she proudly showcased a bungalow. The video featured Bahati's hit song, 'Wanani,' as its background music.

Yvette was seen wearing green trousers that accentuated her curves, a black sleeveless top, and sneakers. She laughed and walked around the empty house, giving viewers a glimpse of the home.


A section of her fans complimented her curves and natural beauty and praised her for having a good heart.

However, what caught the most attention was a comment from a fan identified as Waithera Salim.

The fan suggested that Yvette should give Bahati a second child, leading to a sharp response from Yvette herself.

She boldly told the fan to take that responsibility since they seemed to have a clear opinion on the matter.


"Wewe mpatie juu unajua kupeana. (You give him since you know how to give)," Yvette said.

Another fan insinuated that Yvette's choice of Bahati's song was a deliberate attempt to send a message or provoke Diana Marua, Bahati's current partner. Yvette swiftly addressed this speculation, asking,

"Would you have commented the same way if I used a different song or a different artist? Usinipimie maisha bana, mnatafuta vitu kwenye hakuna.(Don't measure my life; you are looking for things where there are none)," she said.


Actress Jackie Matubia recently found herself in the spotlight when fans tagged her on her ex-fiancé's TikTok clip.

The video, posted by Blessing on a Wednesday morning, featured him holding a flower vase with a woman standing behind him, obscuring his face.

Online sleuths quickly noticed the woman's nails, with some suggesting they resembled Jackie's.

As the post gained traction and more people tagged Jackie in the comments, she couldn't keep calm anymore.


Jackie took to her Instagram stories to address the issue, emphatically stating that the woman in Blessing's photo and video was not her.

She went further to showcase her current nails, highlighting the differences between hers and the woman's in the video.

"Iwafikie! Can you compare these nails to those ones please? I don't involve myself in content mbaya," Jackie wrote.

Jackie didn't stop at defending her identity; she also expressed her astonishment at the situation.


She questioned why Blessing and the woman couldn't even spend a mere 300 Kenyan shillings on a real flower instead of using a vase for their content creation.

"Gai, hata maua ya 300 hiawezi nunuliwa to do content, wanachukua ya vase. Nikomeni!" she wrote.

Kenyan singer Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, received an offer from gospel artist Ringtone Apoko.


The catch? They must be willing to hit the reset button on their current social media accounts.

Ringtone, in a conversation with Eve Mungai on September 3, expressed his conviction that Bahati and Diana need to return to their faith in God, leaving behind any worldly baggage.

Ringtone's comments came just a few days after Bahati shared a photo of himself smoking an unidentified substance as he marked his ten-year milestone in the music industry.

Ringtone didn't spare Diana from his critique either, emphasising her role in Bahati's life. He believes she should influence her husband positively and steer him back towards the path of God.


If they both delete their social media channels and embark on a fresh spiritual transformation, Ringtone committed to covering the entire cost of their wedding. He promised five million shillings as a gift to support their new beginning.

TikToker Nyako has once again made headlines for her outspoken views, this time during a live TikTok session on September 3.

Known for her candid remarks, Nyako didn't hold back as she listed Kenyan celebrities she believes have faded from the entertainment scene, while asserting her own prominence.

The mother of three stated that she currently holds the title of the most popular Kenyan celebrity.


She reiterated her past stance, urging her followers to stop comparing her to other celebrities like singer Akothee.

Nyako emphasised that it's a fact she's the reigning celebrity, and this time, she extended the comparison to include Langata MP Felix Odiwuor.

Turning her attention to Jalang'o, Nyako promised to take on the former radio host and comedian.

She shared her intentions to climb even higher in the entertainment ladder, vowing to overtake Jalas. She expressed her determination to challenge Jalas, who she claimed had belittled her in the past.


In Eldoret, a passionate Manchester United fan named Thomas Kiptanui Kemboi, also known as Kapkeno, found himself in a hospital emergency after making a daring bet with his Arsenal-supporting friends.

The bet occurred during a weekend clash between the two rival English Premier League Clubs, Manchester United and Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

In a spirited challenge, Kapkeno pledged to consume an entire tray of boiled eggs if his beloved Manchester United lost to Arsenal.


Unfortunately, his team faced defeat, and true to his word, Kapkeno began his unusual feat of devouring the boiled eggs.

In a video capturing the event, Kapkeno's Arsenal-supporting friends, who had emerged victorious in the bet, cheered him on as he steadily worked his way through the eggs, pausing occasionally to sip water.

However, as he tackled his 15th egg, Kapkeno suddenly collapsed, initially mistaken by his friends as a stunt

Reality quickly set in when they realised Kapkeno was in distress. In a hurry, they rushed him to a nearby hospital, where medical professionals diagnosed him with constipation.


Eric Omondi, one of Kenya's most renowned comedians, recently opened up about his illustrious career, shedding light on the best, worst, and highest-paying shows that have shaped his journey as a comedian.

With a career spanning over a decade, the self-proclaimed president of comedy has graced numerous local and international stages and brought smiles to countless faces.

Reflecting on his comedy journey, Omondi shared that his best show happened the day he first grasped how famous he had become.


He had been booked as the surprise act for an event at Moi University Eldoret early in his career.

Immediately he hit the stage, the crowd of about 5,000 went into a frenzy and for about 25 minutes many speakers tried to calm the wildly excited students.

As Eric Omondi's career soared, so did his earnings. He spoke about one of his highest-paid shows, showcasing how his passion for comedy transformed into a lucrative profession.

The comedian revealed that he was once paid Sh850,000 for a 25 to 30-minute performance in South Africa, translating to between Sh34,000 to Sh28,000 per minute he was on stage.


Popular travel vlogger Fredrick Marwa, known to his fans as iam Marwa, has recently opened up about the accusations he's facing from his hometown community following his successful YouTube career.

Marwa's journey into travel content creation has not only transformed his family's life but also contributed positively to his community.

Marwa disclosed that some of his fellow villagers accused him of being involved in cultism, specifically Freemasonry, and even claimed that he had recruited other villagers into this alleged organisation.


"People in my village are saying we are in 'Freemasonry,' lol. They say all YouTubers in my village have joined, and I am their leader," Marwa said.

However, Marwa vehemently denied these accusations and clarified his stance on Freemasonry. He emphasised that he believed in God and held no hostility toward Freemasons.

The situation escalated to the extent that the local area chief called a meeting to address the rumours and bring clarity to the matter.

"I believe in God and I am not a Mason I have nothing against them... ignorance is a disease. It was so serious that the area chief called a meeting 2 weeks ago to address the rumours," he stated.


Marwa used the opportunity to encourage his fellow villagers to embrace success and reject poverty.

"Tell these people to welcome success. Poverty is not for God, and riches are not for the Devil," he stated.


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