DP William Ruto pulls an Obama jogging stunt and Kenyans are not amused (Video)

William Samoei Ruto attracts many adjectives and evokes a variety of emotions across different people. He is easily the most opinion splitting politician in Kenya today with as many critics and loyalists alike.


He most scandal ridden politician, most outspoken and one that packs quite a potent tongue whose venom has scoured many a rival.

The one thing he also has in abundance is a penchant for publicity stunts.

This time round the Deputy president decided to set his whole security team as well as confidants on a surprising run towards an awaiting chopper.

Given the distant from the venue they were in to where the chopper was waiting, it was quite a sight seeing all the men with their bellies breaking sweat in a fast jog.

The DP himself thanks to his Kalenjin roots and perhaps a healthy lifestyle was very much comfortable.

This even led to one Robert Alai commenting on is fitness levels but the judgmental Kenyan public as not buying any of that.

To them the DP was simply aping a past action by Barack Obama and was seeking publicity. Others were even more sarcastic in their remarks

Dominic Nahason Running to grab some playfield, I guess. Or he's worried he won't reach 90,like Castro...

Philip Kosgei Haikosi alikua ameitiwa nyama.

Hon Dan Odhiambo Of course, being fit is part of requirement in the stealing art.

Dona Bwoge its his wife who shud b praising him or any jane n joyce out there nt another man

Obonyo Willis Those PR borrowed from Obama has confused Alai! He is running to chopper. Some people are running with crushed b*lls in Mumias. Cheap PR!

Baba Benaya Copying from obama... Wish he copies everything including integrity, honesty

Kamau Mo What does his running or being fit have to do with this country. Kenyans are tired my friend we need more than "being fit"

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