Single At Valentine’s? Here are 5 lovely ways to live it up all by yourself!

You really don’t need no one to give yourself some tender loving care.

How to have a great Valentine's day by yourself [Credit: Twitter/@readingpeaches]

In the the run up to February 14, many singles may become very painfully aware of their singleness, and for some, this could be subtly pressurizing.

Here’s the reality though: you do not necessarily need a man or woman to enjoy your life on any given day – yeah, even on Valentine’s day! Afterall, if you don’t love and take care of yourself, who will?

That said, here are five great ways to have a fantastic Valentine’s if you’re single for this year’s edition:

1.      Have yourself a night out and enjoy the amazing discounts

Yep. Who says you cannot do this all by yourself? Many places in your city will be offering one discount or the other on their specially made Valentine’s meals and condiments and of course, the ambiance will be out of this world, too.

Why not go out there and spoil yourself a little?

2.      How about taking some discounted shopping offers?

If you’re bothered that seeing too many lovebirds doing romantic things at restaurants will trigger you, then shopping at a discount may be more of your thing.

Stores will also be looking to tap into the Valentine’s spirit, offering one discount or the other.

How about getting some more nice shoes , eh?

3.      Netflix and chill!

Since the day after Valentine’s day this year is still a work day, you can just stay indoors and make the best of it.

You can buy a nice [or cheap] bottle of wine and simply just do you.

4.      Night out with other single friends

You and your 'untaken' friends can also be there for each other on this epic love night. Not in a misery-needs-company kinda way, but more of a night to celebrate each other and the great strides you are making individually.

Valentine’s day provides you a perfect opportunity to remind each other how much you love yourselves – you and your fellas and of course, you and your girls.

Why not take it?

5. Valentine's weekend getaway

Going on a weekend getaway with them [your friends] also does not sound like a bad idea.

After all, the weekend is not so far away from this year’s Valentine’s day celebration and the vibes can surely be carried over into the weekend.


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