Despite abortion being a crime in Kenya, we cannot dispute the fact that people are still doing it secretly.

People have different reasons and while some reasons such as rape seem to be valid, it still poses great danger to the person involved.

First, the woman undergoing the abortion risks the chance of losing their life especially if the process is done by a quack. Due to financial constraints, some women end up seeking cheap abortion services which are mostly offered by inexperienced people. The equipment may also be of low quality exposing one to more danger. In some extreme cases, women have bled to death in the process of a self-induced abortion.

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When people abort, they are usually not prepared to become mothers. Unfortunately, they might never have any other chance to become mothers. The uterine wall is very delicate and may end up getting damaged during abortion. Repeated abortions weaken the uterine wall’s ability to sustain a pregnancy in future.

There are therefore higher chances of having miscarriages in future since the muscles of the uterus are not strong enough to hold the baby until maturation. Henceforth, you may only be trying to postpone your motherhood only to lose it for good.

Abortion involves killing an innocent life and denying them the chance to live. While some people may suffer no guilt after procuring an abortion, some people may live the with guilt and regret for the rest of their lives. The fear and the memories of what you did may haunt you and even lead to depression.

All surgical abortions involve inserting an object through the vaginal canal into the cervix. In some cases, the equipment may damage the cervix if the procedure is not carried out with caution and by an expert.

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