Amazing benefits of delaying the baby's first bath

Don’t be in a rush

Bathing a newborn(The Fertile Chick)

In most hospitals, babies are bathed shortly after birth.

While it’s a good procedure to keep your baby clean, studies show that delaying the baby’s first bath is actually beneficial. Instead of bathing the baby two hours after birth, you can request the nurses to wait a little bit longer. Probably wait for up to 12 - 24 hours to bath it.

Read on to understand the benefits of delaying the baby’s first bath:

1. Reduced risk of infection

Babies are born with a whitish substance on their skin called vernix. Vernix develops while the baby is still in utero and protects it from infections. Allowing the baby to stay a little longer with the covering protects it from any possible bacterial infections.

2. Stable temperature

The temperature in the womb is higher than that in most hospitals. Bathing the baby shortly after bath may affect its temperature since it has not yet adapted to the new environment.

3. Improves bonding

The baby needs to spend the first hours after birth with the mother to enhance bonding. Snuggling the baby on your chest strengthens the bond and the baby gets to know the mom more.

4. Makes breastfeeding easy

The skin to skin touch with the baby encourages breastfeeding. On the other hand, taking the baby away from the mother to bath it shortly after birth distresses it, which in return makes breastfeeding difficult.

5. Low blood sugar

The stress hormones released during the separation lowers the baby’s blood sugar. The baby is able to better regulate its body functions when closer to the mom.


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