5 common reasons why women fall for the wrong guys

Learn from your mistakes

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How many relationships have you had so far? You kiss several toads before landing on the right one, so they say.

All the same, if you are not the problem, you should start asking yourself why you have been falling in love with the wrong guys.

Here are some reasons why women end up falling for the wrong men:

1. Fear of living alone for the rest of their life

One reason why people get married is for companionship. And because we are all social beings, no one wants to lead the rest of their life all alone. For this reason, women settle for a man not because of love but because they don’t want to be single.

2. Believing you can change a guy

Most women fall for the belief that you can change a guy into what you like once you get in a relationship with him. But they later realize that changing someone is not doable when it’s too late. If you don’t like someone’s habits, just don’t get in a relationship with them because you will never change who they are.

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3. Wrong priorities

What are your priorities when it comes to choosing a man? While looks and financial status matter, how you connect with the person as well as their values also matter. If you prioritize the former, you will always make the same mistake repeatedly.

4. Repeating your mistakes

You have had your heart broken so many times but sadly, you never learn. You repeat the same mistakes and keep falling for the same kind of guys. Sorry but if you can never learn from your mistakes, no one else can save your situation.

5. You are yet to meet your Mr right

You might be doing everything right or meeting good guys but still something feels wrong. This is because it can never feel right if it’s not with the Mr right. So just be patient and in due time, you will meet your Prince charming.


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