Beautiful rainbow baby names that will restore your joy

They give you hope

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Only a mom who has lost a baby they dearly waited to hold in their arms can relate to the pain. The hollowness of carrying a baby in your womb but never to see it alive. The anticipation to be a mom to a great prince or princess only to be a mom to a dead one. But doesn’t light come after darkness? So, they live in hope, that someday they will be blessed again.

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So, if your blessing in on the way, felicitation! Now it’s time to start hunting for a name for your beloved rainbow baby. But hey, we don’t want you to hunt so much while you should be getting ready for delivery. We have made a list of some of the most beautiful rainbow baby names and you just have to pick one for your bundle of joy.

These names will not only restore your lost joy but also give you hope for better days ahead:

Baby boy rainbow names

1. Benedict – a blessing from God

2. Eijaz – an Arabic name which means miracle

3. Anthony – It’s common but perfect for a rainbow prince. It means priceless

4. Ethan – gift

5. Theodore – gift

6. Amal – hope

7. Cadeau – gift

8. Luca – bringer of light

9. Jesse – blessing

10. Amari – miracle of God

11. Asher – blessed

12. Nathaniel – God has given

Baby girl rainbow names

1. Nadia – hopeful

2. Eliana – a gift from God

3. Antonia – priceless one

4. Beatrice – bringer of joy

5. Mirabel/Mira – glorious

6. Leticia – joy

7. Amie – beloved one

8. Raphaela – a gift from God

9. Celia – heavenly

10. Iris – Greek rainbow goddess

11. Nina – priceless

12. Mia – wished for child


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