6 surprising ways you are destroying your child's self esteem

Kulea ndio kazi

A major aspect in everyone’s life is their self-esteem. You can either help your child build it or ruin it depending on your approach of things.

Below are some ways you may be destroying your child’s self-esteem unknowingly:

1. Doing everything for them

It’s okay to assist your kid do their homework but it’s completely wrong to do it for them. By doing it for them, you make them dependent and they believe that they are not capable of doing it by themselves. Instead, just guide them and let them do the rest.

2. Telling them it’s easy

If your child is struggling to crack some hard task, don’t encourage them by assuring them that it’s easy. While it might seem like a great idea to motivate your kid, it only creates doubt in them. They wonder why they can’t do it yet it’s easy.

3. Yelling at them

Yelling at your kid whenever they make a mistake affects their self-esteem. Allow your kid to try new things and make mistakes. If you yell at them, they will live in fear of trying out new things even when they are grownups.

4. Comparing

This is the last thing you should ever think of doing. Your child can never be like anyone else – not even their brother or sister. Children have varying capabilities and comparison makes them feel like the other child is better than them

5. Focusing on their academics alone

A child’s education is important but you should not judge your child depending on their academic performance. Focus on the child’s other abilities and encourage them to pursue what they are best at.

6. Telling them they are smart

Studies show that children who are constantly reminded that they are smart put little effort to do better. If you keep on telling the child they are smart, they will find no reason to work harder.


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