7 boundaries that husbands should never cross in a marriage

Things you should never do or say to your wife.

Happy wife, happy life.

Here are 8 lines husbands should never cross.

Don’t do unsolicited favours for your wife’s friends

Unless your wife asked you, never do any favours for her friends. Don’t go out of your way to find out what they need or do it “out of the kindness of your heart” because you saw them post something on their social media pages. Just don’t do it unless expressly requested by your wife.

Don’t make your wife do things for your boys

Say you belong in a football team. Don’t ever carry the team’s uniforms and make your wife clean them for you. Don’t make her cook for your friends when you have alternatives or she hadn’t invited them. Don’t make her polish your friend’s shoes when he comes over for a visit. That’s not her job. Ever.

Don’t complain about your wife to your mother

Never create a situation where your mother could become a monster-in-law to your wife.

Don’t make her ask for your permission

For anything. She is her own woman. It’s ok to expect her to be a responsible adult and to give you a courtesy call when she wants to go out with her friends. But DO NOT say she needs your permission.

Don’t insult her

Be it her closeness with her mother, her weight, her passions, her intelligence… if you don’t have that type of relationship, don’t go there.

Don’t make her quit her job

If she wants to leave her job, support her. But don’t make her leave her job for you or your children. It’s her job, sio yenu.

Should you find yourself in hot water due to any of these indiscretions or having confessed something you shouldn’t have, you can always try to win her back through a number of creative ways.

Don't cheat



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