The secret to loving yourself more

Self-love is very important

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A heartbreak, a toxic relationship or failing repeatedly can affect your self-esteem and how you think of yourself. You might feel worthless, feel like you deserve less and start self-loathing. And, you cannot loathe yourself and expect other people to like you. So, it becomes worse because nobody seems to care about you. Yet, all you need is to change how you see yourself and start liking yourself more.

The moment you start liking yourself more, people will not only start treating you right but you will also be happier. Recently, relationship expert Matthew Hussey shared the secret on how you can start liking yourself more.

According to Hussey, acts of kindness to others is one of the most practical ways to start liking yourself. You feel more contented and happier when you do kind things to others than when you are just doing things for yourself.

“We think that by addressing our problems and concerns, that’s what is going to make us happier. But, what really does make us happier and what makes us like ourselves are more the moments of kindness and acts of kindness to other people. When we do something for someone else, we feel valuable, we feel like we are worth something especially when someone acknowledges that kindness” this expert says.

The feeling that you get after helping someone even if it’s a stranger makes you realize your worth and like yourself more. You realize that you are so important in this world and that’s enough to help you like yourself more.

Whether it’s something as small as comforting someone in mourning or sharing the little you have with that person who has nothing, it helps to make you like yourself more. You don’t have to give millions to feel good about yourself. The motive behind it is what matters.

“It doesn’t matter how well everything else is going. Whether you have an amazing partner, an amazing job, you are financially free or have a great family. If your internal ecosystem is corrupted by negative beliefs, insecurities, all the ways you tell yourself you are not good enough, that poisons everything else.” Hussey says.

There you have it. Now go and show kindness to others and you will realize how fulfilled you will be once you start showing kindness to others.


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