9 things not to forget during this Valentine's Day

Vals ni kesho, jipange boss


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching folks. Is your gift ready? Is your outfit ready? And most importantly, are you ready? As you prepare for lovers’ day, we thought it would be necessary to remind you of some important Valentine’s Day don’ts so as not to ruin the day.

1. Don’t go on a date without your own money.

Hey, shit happens. A card could get declined. M-pesa network could be down, your date could fail to show up for one reason or another. To be on the safe side, do carry your own money, just in case!

2. Don't forget your pack of TRUST condoms.

With all the herpes and HPV being spread around in Nai city, you definitely want to ensure that you're practicing safe sex even if it's with your partner, so better safe than sorry! Carry those condoms ladies and gents, even if you don't plan on having sex...you never know! Things could get steamy after Valentine's dinner.

3. Don’t look basic.

It’s the least you can do. Take time to get ready; trim your beard and hair, clean up nice and suit up or get a nice understated but stylish outfit. Ladies, wear something comfortable enough.

4. Don’t give a cliché gift.

There is a tone of gift ideas out there. Stop playing safe with the flowers, socks, belts, chocolate and what not. Seriously, people are tired of those gifts, shape up or ship out. If you cannot afford, you can also give a sentimental gift like a love letter or something small but super meaningful. You could also cook and have an indoors date. You don’t really have an excuse. Or do you?

5. Don’t give a plastic rose.

For the love of God, please, you’d rather pick a random fresh flower from a garden than give a plastic rose. It’s the most unromantic thing you can do on Valentine’s Day.

6. Don’t have very high expectations.

Ladies, don’t expect an out of the world date or to get engaged and all that jazz. Gents, don’t expect the night to culminate into a toe-curling sex sesh. She might be on her periods (that doesn’t stop some people) but you get the point!

7. Don’t let the pressure get to you.

Listen, it’s just a day like any other, no big deal. Don’t start sweating and running up and down stressed AF because you have no money or gift. If it’s really bad timing, your lover will understand and you can make it up to her at another time. If she doesn’t understand, then you deserve better. Seriously. Also, no pressure during the date. Do the usual, keep your phone away, have good conversation starters, don’t forget dinner etiquette, smile, breathe in and carry some mints (food might be garlic-y).

8. Don’t do the same thing you did last year.

A little too predictable, don’t you think? If you went for a candle lit dinner at a specific restaurant, at least switch things up this year and surprise her.

9. Don’t forget!

If you easily forget things, set an alarm in the morning to remind you. 


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