Important things you need to know before proposing to your woman

Make sure you are on the same page!


When are men going to learn that you don’t just wake up and decide that you’re going to ask the girl you’re dating for a hand in marriage? It doesn’t work like that folks. You need to be well prepared and do a lot of research before proposing. The last thing you want is to be left high and dry, absolutely mortified in public after the lady says no or runs off. That said, here’s what to know before you propose.

1. First things first, make sure that you’re on the same page.

You might be thinking that you’re her future husband, but in her mind, you’re just another random nigga who buys her lunch. It’s brutal out there. It’s really important to have a talk with her and make sure that you really are on the same page. Does she even want marriage? Kids? Is she ready to take that next step with you?

2. If you are on the same page, the next step is to talk to her parents.

Of course, you are not just going to propose without having met her parents first and making your intentions clear. At this point, they will give you their blessings for you to go ahead with the proposal, or not. Yeah, it can happen. Do ensure that they keep it hush hush though so that the proposal is a surprise.

3. Know your woman.

What’s her personality like? Does like publicity and attention? Is she quiet? Is she into flashy things or more modest and traditional? You need to know these details as they will help you plan the perfect proposal. The best way is to simply look out for things she likes. You could also be sly, like insist on watching a movie with a proposal scene and see how she reacts and even ask about her opinion on that proposal, without making it obvious.

4. Research on the different types of rings out there and the different jewelers and the prices.

There are loads of shapes and designs in different price ranges, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Go ring window shopping on your own, and note down the jewelers with the rings you're looking to buy and those who fall within your budget. You also need to know what kind of ring she wants. You can ask your friends who have gotten engaged before for some tips or Google tips on how to know what ring type she likes, without spilling the beans that you will propose to her.

5. Know her ring size.

Men even go to the lengths of tying a string on the finger of the woman when she’s sleeping so as to know the size of the ring. The last thing you want is to get the wrong ring size as she could easily lose the engagement ring. Once you buy the ring, always ask if you can return in case it doesn’t fit and if they can resize it for you. You should also find a really good place to hide it so that she doesn’t find it.

6. Liaise with her best friend.

She will make work a lot easier for you. If you tell her that it’s meant to be a surprise, she could get you the ring size, the right shape, the kind of proposal she’d want etc. Girls have a way of fishing out the necessary info from people.

7. Save up, big time.

It’s better to propose when you can financially, than give your woman a mediocre ring in a mediocre proposal plan. Meh. You also need to ensure that you’re both ready for marriage and that you can afford it cause, remember, after a proposal, the wedding comes a year or so after.

7. For the love of God, please ensure that her nails are done.

Again, see point number 6.

8. Figure out the best moment and plan a celebration.

You don’t want to propose when she’s going through stuff for instance like work stress, PMS, she just lost a loved one and such. A proposal needs to be a happy moment. With the help of the best friend or her closest person aside from you, plan a celebration. Does she like something private or something grand and public? Proposal ideas are numerous depending on what tickles your fancy.

9. Find a good photographer.

Of course, you wanna capture that moment when she’s gobsmacked and wiping off tears of happiness.

10. Practise what you will say when you’re proposing.

How much she means to you, how much you appreciate her and cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with her, etc. When it’s time to propose, make sre she looks glamorous, (see point number 6) clean up nice, go down on one knee, maintain your cool, maintain eye contact, breathe, relax, remember your lines and pop the question.


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