Men, here are reasons why women fake orgasms

It is what it is

Why women fake orgasms

If we said we have never faked one or two, that would definitely be a lie. A study found out that over 70% of women fake orgasms. But why do women fake orgasms? We have the reasons:

1. You really just aren't doing a great job and we want it over and done with.

2. We are really tired and just want to sleep.

3. We want you to feel better about yourself.

4. You men keep asking us "Have you cum yet?" Erm, what are we supposed to reply?

I mean, if we have cum, you wouldn't even be asking.

5. To be fair, some women just can't cum...

6. Or they haven't figured out what they need to do to cum and that's kinda your job also, don't just sweat on top of us then bust a nut.

7. We faked it the first time and now, it'll just be awkward if we don't cum. Or, so we think.

8. We have been conditioned to believe that sex isn't sex if you don't cum.

Seriously though, not having an orgasm doesn't mean we didn't enjoy the sex. Sometimes, we aren't relaxed. We are thinking if we switched off the gas or not for example lol. Our minds just aren't there and so we aren't relaxed enough.

9. We are drunk and the alcohol in us is telling us to pull our hair, grab the bedsheets and scream on top of the lungs like we are auditioning for Samantha's role on Sex and The City.

10. Honestly, we feel the sex is just not going anywhere and it's time to put a halt to it.

11. To make you think you did everything right.

Stupid, I know...but that's just because we want to stroke your ego. However, ladies, you should never do this with someone you're dating as that means you'll never be satisfied in bed. This mostly happens with a one night stand or crush.


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