How to know you are ready to date again

Time to get back in the dating pool.

It's a whole new process of trying to get to know someone, their likes, interests; your likes and interests; finding out whether both your likes and interests compliment each other.

It's easy to choose to remain single other than go through the hassle.

However, singlehood does tend to get lonely and a companion to help take that away is a welcomed idea. Only hinderance if in such a situation is whether the time is right to get back into the dating pool.

Here are some signs to help you know whether you are ready to date again.

1.You are not angry anymore

A break up can incite feelings of anger towards an ex partner which is normal. Maybe an ex did you wrong or the way things ended was not the greatest.

2.You don't think about your ex as much as you used to

They are in the past and you would like to keep theme there. All you can do now is cherish the good times and let by gones be by gones.

3.You don't play the blame game anymore.

Whatever your reasons for breaking up with your ex, if you can see where you played a part in the relationship dwindling, you are ready to date again.

You know and accept what you did wrong and have learnt from the experience so you know what not to do in your next relationship.

4.You start getting attracted to other people

When you break up with someone, it is hard to see anybody else in an attractive light because you are giving yourself time to heal. If you're completely over your ex, you will start getting attracted to other people - and this is not the attraction for hooking up with everybody to try mask a broken heart.

5.You don't squirm at the thought of going on a date with somebody who is not your ex

If you can get passed the thought of going on a date without getting squirmish at the fact that they are not your ex, then you are ready to date again.


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