7 good reasons why you keep going back to your ex

"Every time I tried to leave something keeps pulling me back, me back, telling me I need you in my life"

But sometimes there’s just something that keeps pulling you back to them no matter how hard you try to get away from them and a recent study done by Casino.org sought to help us find some answers as to why we keep going back even when we swear we’re done.

They changed their lifestyle

Out of the 1000 participants in the study, over 50 percent of them confessed to actually changing their mind about their ex after they changed their lifestyle.

Those annoying little habits the used to have are gone or they don’t over party as they used to; it just

They apologized and promised to change

For 51 percent of the participants, their ex admitting they were wrong with a promise of ‘things will be different this time round’ was all they need to get back with them.

They start working on their physical fitness

For some people, their ex just looked really good after the break up. They’ve been putting that work in the gym and they’ve taken notice.

Though it might not only be the outward appearance but more of their difference as a whole. Their mood is different and they spend their time differently.

You became friends again

47 percent of the participants admitted to the fact that they reconnected as friends as their reasons for getting back with their exes.

It’s like you were two strangers trying to learn each other once again without the baggage of the past.

Open to long term relationships

Your ex being more open to commitment and being in it for the long haul could be the reason you get back with them.

Grand gestures

Your ex might have pulled off a grand gesture to try and get you back. He might have sent a dozen bouquets of roses to your work place or publicly apologized to you for the whole world to see.

More willing to let you into their life more

Things that they wouldn’t have been open sharing with you before, are suddenly open for discussion which can make anyone feel special again.

You feel like there are no more boundaries between the two of you.


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