9 tips for successful online dating experiences

The reason why many people claim to have awful experiences is because they do not do online dating the right way, or they’re too impatient or simply have no knowhow. The first step to successful online dating is actually ensuring that you’re ready to date again, knowing exactly what you want and figuring out what dating site is likely to be the most successful. Nowadays, there are dozens of dating sites catering to all types of preferences from those seeking women, men and even threesomes. Sites such as Tinder and Bumble are more common as they’re free. If you’re recently getting over a break up or want to jump into the dating pool again, asides putting yourself out there, you could also give online dating a try.

Here are tips for a successful online dating experience.

1. Use good photos.

What do I mean by good photos? Listen, do not fill your profile with headshots, overly filtered photos and old pics of your old college days. Have a mix of photos that clearly outline who you really are and those that speak to someone viewing your profile. Remember online dating is all visual. You will be judged mostly from your photos. If I look at your photos, I need to be able to guess your height, weight, if you’re a fun person and even guess if you’re an introvert or intrepid extrovert just from looking at your photos. So, choose wisely. Another thing about the photos, do not just have one photo, you’re not Beyonce or Brad Pitt.

2. Keep your bio short and precise.

A catchy one-liner that speaks volumes is more like it. No need to fill the bio with a plethora of activities you like and your achievements it’s a dating profile not a Yale University application.

3. While still on bio, be real.

Do not lie about your age, and things like what you do for a living. You’re on the dating site to meet a potential boyfriend so if you start lying, when you actually meet in person, your lies will catch up with you.

4. Have your red flag sensors on.

Now, online dating is all about trusting your instincts. If you feel iffy about talking to someone, or they sound fishy about their intentions, just delete and move to the next. There are so many predators and catfish accounts out there. Sexual predators are real and you have to be able to read between the lines.

5. When chatting, have interesting conversation starters, and reply like you actually want to reply.

If you sound like you’re being bothered to reply, people will eventually get bored of writing to you.

6. Be patient.

If you do not get a reply immediately, it could mean that the person is busy. And speaking of patience, don’t expect to get your prince charming immediately. It takes time. You could give yourself a timeline of say three or six months and if the site is not working for you, you could drop it and try another or try meeting people in person.

7. Do not exchange very personal details such as mobile number too soon.

Talk on the app till you feel that the person’s intentions of meeting are genuine and then you can swap numbers. You don’t want to swap numbers with a guy so soon only to regret having done that.

8. When you set up a first date, talk on the phone first before meeting.

A conversation can tell you a lot about the person, from the formalities, to how they address you and the plans they have for the date. Again, if your instincts tell you no, you can always cancel the date. It’s also important to remember to meet at a public place for a first date and to be vigilant.

9. If online dating doesn’t work, don’t be discouraged.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, keep your options, eyes and ears open and eventually, regardless of the means, you’ll find that special person.


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