You’ve already decided that this is the person you want to invest yourself in. That’s great…really. However, it’s not always fun and games in a relationship, (this you know because it’s everybody’s fear that they’ll get heartbroken in the end)

Unfortunately, you don’t get to determine if someone will be a douche to you or not. If they make you happier than you were then there is no reason you shouldn’t go for it, right?


A relationship however, relieving it is, requires work. Scratch that, it’s double work. Not only do you have to invest in someone else’s business, you’ve also got to avail yourself as another person’s business.

This idea of sharing with, including and considering another person in intimate aspects of personal life can be quite taxing.

Are you about to take the leap? Here are a few things you need to have in common before you start dating.


Where do both of you see your relationship heading to? Is this the person you want to spend the rest of your life with or is this just a fling to keep you well smashed and glowing in the meantime before you settle? Understanding where you stand with a person makes it easier for you know your boundaries and their expectations. No feelings hurt, no expectations disappointed.


Who do you call when you’ve got a joke to share? Who do you call when you’re in trouble? Who’s the person you can be completely open with, especially when you’ve made a mistake? One of the oldest relationship advises you’ll ever be given is to date your best friend. That way, toleration in times of difficulty becomes way easier.


Does this person respect your opinions, decisions and space? Can he/she understand that you don’t want to talk about a matter and not suspect foul play? Does he/she speak to you with respect or do your arguments end with a few insults hurled at each other? Respect is a major pillar in dating as it shapes your partner’s idea of your worth.

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It’s the busy 21 century, nobody has time to waste wondering if their partner is cheating. There’s herpes, chlamydia, hybrid gonorrhea and a whole lot of other reasons why dating a person you cannot trust is a terrible idea.

This is where you do it like one of my all-time favorite South African band, Liquid Deep and not settle for less.