Pulse Exclusive: Sexual health expert, Olori Coitus, explains one major way to make the best of this weather-for-two season

Ditch the quickies.

How to make the best of this weather-for-two season [Credit -Shutterstock]

It's mid-2019 and the rains are upon us. Heavy, ceaseless, wet. Sometimes disruptive, sometimes comforting but at all times reminding us that it's here to do its time and that we might as well get used to it while it lasts.

As this article here explains; "once the clouds darken and the rains begin to pour, tweets and posts on social media begin to lean towards the need for a warm body to lie next to and do sexy stuff with." and that is pure facts.

It is also indicative of how this kind of weather affects sexual behaviour, and influences partners get more intimate and more handsy with each other.

According to sexual health expert, Yeside Olayinka-Agbola, "the rainy season is a great time for lovers. The cold and stormy weather ignites a desire for warmth in us and what better way to get warm than rubbing bodies between the sheets with your lover. 

"The pitter patter of rain and the wind crashing on the windows is relaxing and puts people in the mood. It creates a perfect soundtrack for intense lovemaking sessions.

Yeside who runs Olori Coitus Wellness, is a well-versed sex educator and a self-proclaimed pleasure advocate who has experience guiding individuals and couples in creating a deeper connection with their sexuality.

When Pulse reached out to the expert on how married couples and other partners can make the best of their sex lives in this season of ceaseless rains, her tip was simple and straight to the point - slow it down and enjoy every moment; savour every second and extend the experience as much as you can.

Because "the rainy season... tends to slow things down," Yeside advises that you should "take a break from your usual frantic Lagosian pace. Slow your love making down by engaging in long intense lovemaking sessions.

"Ditch the quickies and spend good time on foreplay, taking time to explore and enjoy each other's bodies."

She adds that it is extra important to use all the hours spent hiding from the rain wisely. If there is any time to be a little more adventurous than normal, now is it, she says.

In her words: "the rains will likely be keeping you indoors more so explore having sex in different areas of your home besides the bedroom: the living room, kitchen, bathroom are great locations for getting it hot."

And if you are reading this, wondering what the fuss really is about weather-for-two, this article here is just for you.


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