7 bad reasons to get married

There is a time for everything and unfortunately your time to get married may have to be halted if you're getting married for these reasons.

Some usually even have everything planned out to the day that they would like to get married. Unfortunately everything doesn’t always go as planned – because this is life – and they find themselves in a situation that may make them rush into marriage.

Here are 7 bad reasons to get married.

1.For other people but yourself

Some parents are notorious for pressuring their children into getting married.

The pressure may amount to the children rushing into a marriage that they don’t really want to be in.

2.Just to have a wedding

This could mostly apply to women. Ever heard that the wedding day is essentially for the woman and the husband is the guest?

Some women may get married for the sake of having a great wedding day.

3.Because you’re lonely

Loneliness can cloud someone’s judgment when it comes to making serious decisions like getting married. Someone is interested enough to want them in their life forever and they don’t want to go back to the situation that they were in.

4.Everyone else around you is getting married

Pressure to get married can also be indirect. Everyone around you is getting married and you might feel the pressure to want to have what they do as well.

5.To get revenge on someone

Maybe your ex moved on and you may want to get revenge on them because they hurt you when you were together.

6.Because you’re growing older

Growing older, let’s say as from 30 onwards, and not being married can lead to people rushing to get married.

7.It is part of the plan

You had a certain plan for how your life would turn out. You would go to school, graduate, get a job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after.


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