Adulting is but a hoax – nobody told us it would be this tough

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A confused woman

As Kids we all couldn’t wait to grow up, because adults looked like they were having so much fun adulting right? It seemed like they were having a better time than us, and we had to do what they told us. Well, we are here now. What do you have to say? I think adulting is a hoax; everything I thought it was, it’s not. Here’s why:

Figuring out your own meals from now to forever

As a kid, food always kind of magically appeared. We never had to stress about what to eat.

As a grown up and my indecisive nature this has come to be one of the hardest things that I have to think about every single day. I know coming up with a menu is a solution but let’s be honest, which single adult that has a 9 to 5 job and lives on their own has a menu and abides to it? If this is you, I think you’ve made it.

Figuring out how to deal with emotions

“There’s a time that I remember when I did not know no pain, and I believed in forever…” - Adam Levine ‘Memories’.

First, heartbreaks, losing someone close to you, feeling happy, sad, lonely all the feelings that we didn’t know were even possible to feel have become a part of everyday life. Dealing with feelings you’ve never felt before, now that’s where the hard part comes in. I’ve come to learn that it might be easier to bottle the bad feelings that we don’t know how to deal with but eventually, you will have to deal with them. You can run but you can’t hide lol - feelings.

No ‘how-to’ manual - We’re all just figuring it out as we go

To be honest we are all kind of just winging it. We are all going through life differently, sharing experiences yet every experience is tailored for each one of us. It’s scary sometimes, exciting sometimes, basically, a roller coaster that we just need to hold on real tight till the ride is over. Hopefully, you will have had a blast for most of the part.


Do you remember how as kids we couldn’t wait to grow up because we thought we could finally do whatever we wanted? That we would live on our own and eat ice-cream for dinner and stay out till whatever time we wanted? Oh, the innocence! What we didn’t know is that you have to pay rent for that house and buy the ice-cream. And, you actually have to afford to be outside all on your own. Yep. Freedom with responsibilities!

Adults are just kids in grown up bodies!

We all saw our parents, teachers, everyone else who was older than us as our heroes.

I’m a hero to my nephews and nieces. Do I think this of myself? No. Do I feel good that they look up to me even though I think I’m a mess? Yes. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed an adult to help fix this then you realized you are the adult??? Well, welcome to adulting! This is it!


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