5 things you should never say to someone who's mourning

It hurts even more

Sad black woman(Madailygist)

We all have lost a loved one or have at least have seen someone close to us mourn the death of a relative. It’s one of those difficult moments in life. But even more difficult is when you see a close person to you mourning but you lack the right words to say to them.

At such times, you will need to choose your words well since you can actually hurt them, even more in the name of being caring.

Instead of saying these things to someone who is grieving, you would rather shut your mouth:

1. How are you?

This may seem like it’s simply a way of being concerned. But this is not a good question at such times. It’s obvious that they are going a hard time and you don’t expect them to tell you that they are doing okay.

2. I know what it feels like

Unless you can relate to what they are going through, don’t say it. If the person is morning the loss of a parent, don’t tell them you understand yet you have never lost a parent because it will seem like mockery. Instead, acknowledge that you know they are going through pain and assure them that all will be well.

3. What can I do for you?

If you are genuinely willing to help, just tell them that they can call you anytime they need help. We all find it hard to ask for help and at such times, the last thing they will want is someone trying to make them feel more vulnerable.

4. He brought it on himself

This is the worst thing you can ever say to someone who is grieving. Even though the deceased committed suicide, don’t rub it in: at least not at this moment.

5. You should be strong

What if they don’t feel like being strong and all they want is grieve till they are over it? If you have nothing better to say, just be silent and let them mourn in peace since people grieve differently. If they grieve by crying, just let them cry.


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