Thinking of ending a relationship? It’s not an easy thing as you may think but sometimes it’s worth it. But before you decide to quit, try doing these things:

1. Discuss with your partner

Couple talking

If you are angry, don’t just react out of anger and quit. Talk to your partner and give them a chance to explain themselves. Through talk, you may come up with a solution instead of just ending the relationship.

2. Go for therapy

If you have been having problems in your relationship, you should try solving them first before going to a third person. But if you both haven’t figured a solution yet, then go for therapy. Sometimes it really works and you should give it a chance before ending your relationship.

3. Get the root cause of your problems

An unhappy couple during a fight

If one partner is cheating or doing something that offends the other, get to the root cause of the problem. Know why your partner is behaving indifferently first. You could be the reason they have changed to who they are.

4. Don’t ignore your guts

They are hardly wrong. That inner voice speaking to you knows if you should really end it or not. Listen to it attentively and obey it even if you are going nuts and you just want to pack and leave.

5. Imagine your life with and without your partner

What would your life be like without your partner? Does your partner add value to your life or do they just bring the worst out of you? Are you happier with or without them? Get the answer to these questions before ending your relationship.

6. Make a list of their good side


When we are angry, we only tend to see the negative side of a person and forget about all the good things they have ever done. Before you end your relationship, think of all the good things your partner has ever done as well. If the bad ones outweigh the good ones, then you are probably right to bring it to an end.