5 underwear rules you should never break for healthy v*gina

Keep it healthy and happy

Healthy vagina(Rebel Circus)

High levels of hygiene, peeing before and after sex are some of the things you can do to keep your vagina healthy and happy. But did you also know that your undies can be a breeding environment for bacteria that make your girl parts sick?

If you want a healthy vagina, here are some rules you should never ever break:

1. Replacing your undies every year

This may seem like it makes no sense since panties are washed regularly. But unless you have not been having vaginal infections, you should get a new set of panties after every year. Bacteria can thrive even on clean underwear and unless you replace them from time to time, you are at risk of getting infected again and again.

2. Bedtime is commando time

People are going commando nowadays for various reasons even during the day. Just like any other part, your vagina needs some fresh air too. This especially so if you struggle with vaginal infections. Sleeping without your undies keeps away moisture making it harder for bacteria to breed.

3. Change your underwear regularly

Skipping a day may seem harmless but it definitely has an impact on your vagina’s health. Come rain come sunshine, never go a day without changing your panty. If you feel like you have more discharge or are sweating than usual, feel free to change it twice.

4. Cotton all the way

Forget about all the other fabrics when it comes to underwear. Nothing beats cotton for your panties. It’s breathable thus preventing accumulation of moisture which would else lead to yeast infections.

5. Hypoallergenic detergent

Detergent is not just detergent when it comes to underwear. The skin down there is very sensitive and the choice of detergent you use to clean your knickers may cause irritation or itchiness of the vagina.


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